Amauta hotel is located in the historic village of Purmamarca.

According to the fact that “Quebrada of Humahuaca” is Natural and Cultural Patrimony of Humanity, it’s our intention to preserve the traditional image of the village in every single detail.

The front of the hotel is a reproduction of the traditional houses of Purmamarca. The building is made of adobe and stones, interior details have been exclusively built for the hotel by herders and carpenters of the region, prioritizing warmth and comfort with art and design.

(hamaut'a) quechua word, the language of the Inca Empire and it means “The one who loves everyone no matter race, religion or social level, it’s also means "the one who teaches how to live", to solve problems, to achieve responsibility. Amauta is the one who joins Heaven with Earth, is the connector among all creatures, the one who equilibrates forces and gives each one its space. They were also called Amauta, “Popular poets” or aborigines who offer dances, songs and poems during their celebrations and all cultural expressions for the people.
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